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The Sun and the Moon and Other Memories

Event Type: Exhibitions

Event Date: Tue 27 June - Sat 1 July

Event Time: Start Time: 12:00 - End Time: 19:30

by AY Architects, CRAB, Daykin Marshall Studio, Carl Turner Architects, aLL Design, Studio Octopi, Scene, Biophile

Clerkenwell Gallery 20 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0DP

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Heat Map # 1 : Solar Radiation 25/04/17 14:34    NW1 7PE



AY Architects                                                                        

Cook Robotham Architectural Bureau                       

Daykin Marshall Studio                                                    

Carl Turner Architects                                                      

aLL Design                                                                             

Studio Octopi                                                                        


Andreas Körner, Biophile                                                

 Art, architecture, physics and engineering coalesce in a multi-practice exhibition at The Clerkenwell Gallery.

Featuring work by an eclectic group of architects and artists, all inspired by the sun, the moon and other memories. The exhibition brings together a compelling spectrum of contributing practices ranging from the large to the fledgling, from the established to the leftfield.

Expect a mixture of installations, 2D and 3D works ranging from examples of professional architectural practice to abstracted forms derived from fluid flow and heat traces.

Be immersed in a melting pot of ideas and exploration including themes such as abandoned automobiles, a nostalgia room and architecture intended to trigger memory flashbacks.

Work on show will include large scale mobiles, a multiscreen video installation and topographical forms of heat sensitive materials.

June 27th to July 1st 2017.

Open daily from 12pm to 7.30pm.

Contact: CRAB Studio                 0207 837 4262

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