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London: Design Capital

Event Type: Exhibitions

Event Date: Wed 17 May - Fri 7 July

Event Time: Start Time: 09:00 - End Time: 18:00

by New London Architecture

NLA The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, London, WC1E 7BT

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NLA London: Design Capital - Atkins, Wessal Bouregreg project, Rabat, Morocco

London: Design Capital is the new NLA exhibition which explores the global reach of London’s built environment industries.

London is home to the world’s foremost architects, engineers and urban planners. Its skills in architectural design, engineering, construction, placemaking and consultancy are exported around the globe, from redeveloping European cities to emerging Asian markets. London: Design Capital showcases the work currently being carried out by London-based consultancies in global markets, across 65 countries, from masterplans through to individual schemes.

What is London’s specific areas of expertise? What value do London’s architectural design services bring to the UK capital’s economy? What impact could any restriction on free movement have on the industry’s ability to continue to deliver high-quality work in volume?

This exhibition is the outcome of a new NLA Insight Study. Roundtables, viewpoints and interviews, as well as a survey of the NLA membership of over 500 organisations, have been combined with a call out for projects to produce this piece of research. A two-month programme of events taking place for the duration of the exhibition will further explore key themes, forming a core part of the NLA International Dialogues programme.

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