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London Street Markets Walk / 3 markets /3 hrs

Event Type: Walks & Tours

Event Date: Fri 30 June

Event Time: Start Time: 18:00 - End Time: 21:00

by London Street Markets Walk/The Alfred Hitchcock London Walk £25

London London, EC2M 7QH

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London Street Markets Walk

Sandra Shevey references London market buildings on this daily 3 hr tour starting 6PM.  Fowler Covent Garden market, Sir Horace Jones Smithfield market, Henry Rose Borough market, George Sherrin Spitalfield market have pride of place in this introduction to London markets and their architects. These untold masterpieces are amongst the gems of London architecture and yet they rarely get the praise and/or the attention.

Tours are priced at £25 excl fares, tips.


Sandra is also selling her 30 min dvd about the demise of the local traditional London street market.  Trailer at

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